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Vuja De Sciences: Scott Sauer

Scott Sauer, PhD

Director, Scientific Operations & Program Management

Scott is a passionate and innovative scientist with extensive research expertise, as well as experience in biotech strategy & business development, alliance management and intellectual property.

Scott’s multidisciplinary training in the fields of cancer biology, immunotherapy and organic chemistry provides a unique perspective to tackle difficult biological problems and unmet medical needs.

Prior to Vuja De, Scott joined SQZ Biotechnologies in 2016 where he worked as a researcher while managing the company’s intellectual property and academic collaborations. Scott received his postdoctoral training at Duke University from 2011-2016. His postdoctoral work was primarily in cancer biology focusing on mechanisms of therapeutic resistance and disease progression. During this time, Scott received numerous postdoctoral awards including his work on the interplay between cancer progression and environmental toxicants. Scott received his PhD at Duke University in organic chemistry in 2011 and a BS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2005.